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My dr prescribed this as a precaution. Had a heart attack not best Place To Buy Metoprolol Online Reviews ago called the widow maker 4 blockages put a stent in and Dr bumped the metoprolol XL ER to 200 mg twice a day I feel a little dizzy at times but overall not bad enough to stop or change hope it stays like this. In that way this medication worked great taking it at night. I slept through the dizziness.

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However I had another side effect at night, I had bile reflux. I cut the 25mg tablet in half and still have reflux buy Tadalafil night but not as bad. I did however have to get a stronger PPI. Not sure if I am better off not taking this medication. It did best Place To Buy Metoprolol Online Reviews my blood pressure a little,but the fact that I now have to take 30mg of Lansoprazole is a problem for me.

I see my Dr. I might have to try a different medication for hypertension. Life back as a result of this med. I was prescribed metoprolol on tuesday to keep palpitations down. Shortness of breath is another one.

Best Place To Buy Metoprolol Online Reviews

I had swelling in feet and legs that cause extreme pain. Stomach swelling and ache, very tired after taking and wakes cheap Zestril health went downhill from there. I felt tired all the time, couldn’t continue gym or do any long duration exercise. I tried very best Place To Buy Metoprolol Online Reviews, but side effect was too strong. Thankfully, my medication is being gradually reduced and is currently at 12. I still need to supplement with some acetaminophen for the pain sometimes but not feeling dizzy has been great.

I haven’t had any side effects, not sleepy or anything and am able to continue to exercise regularly. Ed made heart beat fast and irregular made me have real bad nerves cold feet sleepless nights due to uncomfortable heart beating. I went from the 12. I also take lisinopril, Plavix, a baby aspirin and Lipitor after heart attack and cardiac arrest about seven weeks ago. BP is traditionally very normal, and now is quite low, to my way of thinking. To sum up, I think Metoprolol has just too many side effects overall, and I wish I could be put on something else or have my dosage best Place To Buy Metoprolol Online Reviews.

My blood pywent up. I thought I was seeing things. Went to bed it would be a bit high wake up in wee hours to extremely high. I was actually thinking something serious was wrong with me till I took my older bottle of 25 mg and bp went down.

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What are they selling us is my question? Have chronic back pain and other issues. Tookit for a little over a week and ended up with really bad side effects – dizziness, headache, very tired, diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea. Had a couple BP spikes and then my BP would get low. Last night I almost threw up. Doctor prescribed me lisinipril instead. Hope it works better.

The side effects are horrendous! Still have an upset stomach. After taking 100mg metoprolol once a day for about a month I experienced extremely curved erections, started at 70 degrees upward and is now over 90 degrees in a horseshoe shape. cheap Plavix since been diagnosed with peyronies, a “very severe” case according to my urologist.

After doing research I am upset to say the least with a doctor prescribing me metoprolol especially at what seems to be a high dose for anxiety best Place To Buy Metoprolol Online Reviews this could be a potential side effect. My heart rate and diastolic BP are now best Place To Buy Metoprolol Online Reviews, but my systolic reading is around 135, which is an improvement. I feel better physically with no side effects. The situation that caused the anxiety, racing heart rate, and high BP is still active in my life and my goal is surviving it.

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This had been going on for quite awhile,my heart beating bester Place To Buy Metoprolol Online Reviews than normal. I was having horrible nausea,some shortness of breath,my heart felt like it was constantly buy Cipro chest had some slight pain,plus I would get this horrible headache which lasted a while. After my first few doses of this medicine,all of those things pretty much disappeared. I was still having some slight nausea,and some slight shortness of breath. But overall,I feel so much better. This medicine works wonders for me,and I highly recommend it Report.