About Us

Our Vision

Gate Aerospace Academy was founded by Mr. Kaushal Jha & Mr. Ashok Rao with a motto to ensure the best outcome from a student, to assist a student by explaining the fundamentals conceptually with quality teaching, individual attention and develop competitive attitude amongst them, so as to perform well in the GATE-Aerospace Examination, to guide the student as to choose the right course after securing a top rank. Our unique teaching methodology based on our vast Teaching Experience is designed in such a way that the aspirants are involved in learning subjects conceptually and followed by practice sessions with an exam-oriented approach.

Our Mission

Our main aim is to provide quality education to everyone and inspire every student to take active participation in Aerospace engineering and spreading awareness about the Aerospace department and higher studies because we feel future belongs to us. And get success for all by giving attention to each student through providing a strong foundation of basics. We want to bring changes in the elegance of learning and preparation for GATE by providing experience faculty to make students understand the concept in a better way provide them.

About us

Kaushal Jha


Mr. Kaushal Jha post graduated from IIT Madras. After Aircraft maintenance engineering license course, he completed B.Tech in Aeronautical Eng. from Aeronautical society of India (AMAeSI) and then started part time teaching in GATE Aerospace Institutions at Chennai and New Delhi after getting all India 3rd Rank in GATE 2014 (Aerospace Eng.). He has completed M.Tech in Aerospace-structures from IIT Madras. Having keen interest in Teaching and to provide the quality education to GATE Aerospace aspirants, he then decided to start full time institute (GATE Aerospace Academy) along with Mr. T Ashok Rao in 2019.

Qualifications / Achievements

  • • All India 3rd Rank in GATE 2014 (Aerospace Eng.)
  • • M.Tech (Aerospace Engineering) from IIT Madras
  • • 7 years of Teaching Experience in GATE Aerospace Subjects
  • • Bachelor’s degree from Aeronautical society of India
  • • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Jet Engine)
  • • All India 3rd highest in CAR exam conducted by DGCA, Civil Aviation Ministry
  • • Member of Aeronautical Society of India

T Ashok Rao


Mr. T Ashok Rao started his teaching Career in 2015 as an Assistant professor later he resigned from his post and started Gate Aerospace Academy in 2019 along with Mr. Kaushal Jha. He Holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. With the interest in the mathematics, he also completed MSc mathematics from Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Qualifications / Achievements

  • • GATE All India Rank 47
  • • Secured Rank 1 in Telangana State PGECET (Aerospace Engineering paper)
  • • Worked as Assistant Professor in the department of Aeronautical Engineering for 3 years
  • • 4 years of teaching experience in Gate Aerospace Subjects
  • • Holds Bachelors and Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering
  • • MSc Mathematics (Osmania University)
  • • College Second Topper and Branch Topper in Graduation
  • • Co-Founder and Computer-aided engineering (CAE) Analyst at We Aero Do

Why Gate Aerospace Academy

Unlike other coaching institutions we don’t give coaching for other branches we are dedicated to Only Aerospace Engineering this makes us Unique in the field.

We left our jobs and run Gate Aerospace Academy Full Time this gives students confidence that we are available all the time for personal monitoring and clarifying doubts

We understand a student’s life, also value the hard work of their parents in bringing up their children, who in near future turn up to be a good example in the society. Rather than trapping the student by fooling them by conducting demos through some external experienced faculty and commencing the course with a junior faculty member who has just qualified GATE, wherein students could not extract the hard-earned money to pay to the institute in the form of fees. We do not encourage such practice and we ensure that the faculty member is the same during the Demo and the Coursework so as to ensure a uniform methodology in teaching. Which makes a student feel that he/she has spent their Parents money at the right place, wherein we are more primarily bothered in making a student understand about the subject. We have listed out few Challenges and Changes in teaching Gate Aerospace syllabus, to our research none of the institutes in India provide them.

Following are the list of Challenges and Changes we offer:

• At any point in time during the coursework, if in case the student feels that they aren’t getting a quality education from us then we are ready to return their money.

• We have cent percent trust in our faculty members who provide the best teaching thereby we are ever ready to provide contact details of the passed-out students of our Institute, so that one may directly take our feedback to join our esteemed Institute.

• 230+ mock test of which are divided into Topic-wise Test, Subject-wise Test, Full syllabus Test, GATE previous Year Test. which gives ample practice for students before writing gate exam

• Problem sheets for each subject contain level 1, level 2 in which each level has 50 questions

• Formulae sheets for all subject

• All subjects are taught from basics

• After every class, there will be assignments and Tests

• Special sessions for Mathematics and Aptitude which carries 30% of weight age in Gate Exam

• Personal monitoring

In India No Institution Offers All These, We Value Student’s Time and Respect Your Parent’s Hard Work

Engineering Branches

• Aerospace Engineering


• New Delhi

• Hyderabad

• Bangalore

• Chennai

Coaching Programs

• Aerospace Engineering

• Gate Aerospace Classroom Program

• Gate Aerospace Online Program

• Gate Aerospace Postal Program

• Gate Aerospace Test series

• Gate Aerospace Crash Course

• Gate Aerospace Problem Sheets

• Gate Aerospace Study Material

• Post Gate Guidance Program

Course Highlights

• Comprehensive Coverage of Syllabus (Technical and Non-Technical subjects).

• Exam Oriented Comprehensive Study Material.

• Regular Assessment of Performance through Test series and assignments.

• Interactive and conceptual learning.

• Regular Doubt clearance sessions.

• Interactive Classroom Environment.

• Personal Monitoring.

• Post Gate Exam Guidance.


• Regular Batch

• Weekend Batch

• Online Batch

• Two Years Integrated batch

• Crash Course Batch