Benefits of Test series in GATE Aerospace preparation

Benefits of Test series in GATE Aerospace preparation

Mock Tests are designed as per latest GATE pattern with similar interface to provide the students with same kind of feeling of exam. To avoid the nervousness during exam it’s become important for aspirants to have ample practice before going for GATE exam. Familiarization with interface and also with virtual calculator is very important to save time and mistakes in GATE exam. Many students have anxiety or fear of exam and they lose marks because of this, and in this highly competitive environment its unaffordable to lose marks in spite of knowing the things, so in that regard also its very crucial to have enough practice by giving genuine Mock Tests.

GATE Aerospace Academy Mock test interface↓

Mock Tests are designed in number of ways with same GATE like interface so that students can take the benefit accordingly.

• Topic wise Tests- Its helps the student to prepare one particular topic and tests themselves if they are not ready for complete subject. Its helps to strengthen particular topic by solving variety of questions from topic test. (for example vibrations, rocket propulsion or any particular topic in Aptitude etc.)

• Subject-wise Tests- It is helpful when student has completed one entire subject (for example Propulsion or Mathematics etc.) they can attend the test of that particular subject.

• Full syllabus Tests/grand Tests- After preparing complete syllabus, students can go for these Tests as in GATE exam full syllabus test will be there.

Benefits of Test series

  • • Familiarization with real exam environment
  • • Provide way of good practice
  • • Improve speed and confidence (Much required for GATE exam)
  • • Helps in managing time
  • • Virtual calculator practice
  • • Provides a way to check relative performance
  • • Helps in identifying the strength and weakness
  • • Practice lots of questions

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Vibration Test-1 (GATE previous year) ↓

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