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Gate Aerospace Test Series Programs 2022

Gate Aerospace Test Series Programs 2022

GATE Aerospace Academy Test series package 2022

Total Tests = 131

The total test series is divided into 4 sections

Topic Wise-87

Subject wise-19

Multiple subjects-10

Grand tests-15

Subject Test Name





Topic-wise Test

Introduction basic Test level-1
Introduction basic Test level-2
1 D flow
Normal shock
Oblique shock and Expansion fan
Rayleigh and Fanno Flow
Complete Gas dynamics
Properties of Fluid
  Flow Kinematics
Potential Flow
Viscous Flow
Boundary layer
Non-dimensional Analysis
Airfoil Nomenclature
Core Aerodynamics


Subject-wise Test

Complete Aerodynamics test-1
Complete Aerodynamics test-2
Complete Aerodynamics test-3

Multiple subject Test

Gas dynamics & Fluid Mechanics-1
Gas dynamics & Fluid Mechanics-2






Topic-wise Test

Stress-strain Test-1
Stress-strain Test-2
Shear Force & Bending Moment diagram
Moment of inertia and Centroid
Failure Theory
Vibrations test-1
Vibrations test-2

Subject-wise Test

Structures -1
Structures -2
Structures -3
Multiple subject Test Strength of material & Vibrations-1
Strength of material & Vibrations-2











Topic-wise Test

Linear Algebra Test-1
Linear Algebra Test-2
Linear Algebra Test-3
Linear Algebra Test-4
Linear Algebra Test-5
Differential Equations Test-1
Differential Equations Test-2
Differential Equations Test-3
Laplace Transform Test-1
Laplace Transform Test-2
Numerical Methods Test-1
Numerical Methods Test-2
Calculus Test-1
Calculus Test-2
Calculus Test-3
Probability Test-1
Probability Test-2
Complex numbers
Mathematics Test-1
Subject-wise Test Mathematics Test-2
Mathematics Test-3
Multiple subject Test Mathematics & Aptitude Test-1
Mathematics & Aptitude Test-2
General Aptitude













Topic-wise Test

Percentage Test-1
Percentage Test-2
Averages Test-1
Averages Test-2
SI @ CI Test-1
SI @ CI Test-2
Time and work Test-1
Time and work Test-2
Partnership Test-1
Partnership Test-2
Time and Distance Test-1
Time and Distance Test-2
Mensuration Test-1
Mensuration Test-2
Ratio and Proportion Test-1
Ratio and Proportion Test-2
Profit and Loss Test-1
Profit and Loss Test-2
Number systems Test-1
Number systems Test-2
Data Interpretation Test-1
Data Interpretation Test-2
Veen Diagrams Test-1
Veen Diagrams Test-2
Allegations and mixtures Test-1
Allegations and mixtures Test-2

Subject-wise Test

General Aptitude Test-1
General Aptitude Test-2
General Aptitude Test-3



Topic-wise Test

Compressor -1
Compressor -2
Jet engine
Subject-wise Test Propulsion-1
Multiple subject Test Thermodynamics & Gas dynamics-1
Thermodynamics & Gas dynamics-1
Flight Mechanics



Topic-wise Test

Basics of Flight mechanics Test-1
Basics of Flight mechanics Test-2
Aircraft Performance Test-1
Aircraft Performance Test-2
Stability and control Test-1
Stability and control Test-2

Subject-wise Test

Flight mechanics Test-1
Flight mechanics Test-2
Flight mechanics Test-3
Multiple subject Test Flight mechanics & Space Mechanics Test-1
Flight mechanics & Space Mechanics Test-2
Space Mechanics


Topic-wise Test

Basics of Space mechanics Test-1
Basics of Space mechanics Test-2
Core space mechanics Test-1
Core space mechanics Test-2

Subject-wise Test

Space mechanics Test-1
Space mechanics Test-2
Full syllabus Grand Test
Full syllabus Grand Test Aerospace Engineering -1
Aerospace Engineering -2
Aerospace Engineering -3
Aerospace Engineering -4
Aerospace Engineering -5
Aerospace Engineering -6
Aerospace Engineering -7
Aerospace Engineering -8
Aerospace Engineering -9
Aerospace Engineering -10
Aerospace Engineering – 11
Aerospace Engineering – 12
Aerospace Engineering – 13
Aerospace Engineering – 14
Aerospace Engineering – 15

GATE Aerospace Academy Test series package 2022

Total Tests:-  93

GATE Previous Year Papers


Subject Test Name





Axial Flow compressor
Centrifugal Compressor
Jet Propulsion Test-1
Jet Propulsion Test-2
Rocket Propulsion Test-1
Rocket Propulsion Test-2
Complete Propulsion Test-1
Complete Propulsion Test-2
Complete Propulsion Test-3
Complete Propulsion Test-4
Complete Propulsion Test-5







Gas dynamics and Thermodynamics Test-1
Gas dynamics and Thermodynamics Test-2
Fluid mechanics Test-1
Fluid mechanics test-2
Linearized Theory
Thin Airfoil/Finite wing Theory Test-1
Thin Airfoil/Finite wing Theory Test-2
Airfoil Nomenclature & High Lift Devices
Complete Aerodynamics Test-1
Complete Aerodynamics Test-2
Complete Aerodynamics Test-3
Complete Aerodynamics Test-4
Complete Aerodynamics Test-5
Complete Aerodynamics Test-6








Stress-strain (SOM)
Failure Theory
SFD-BMD & Deflection
Vibrations Test-1
Vibrations Test-2
Aircraft structures-stress strain Test-1
Aircraft structures-stress strain Test-2
Shear flow& shear center & boom
Complete structures Test-1
Complete structures Test-2
Complete structures Test-3
Complete structures Test-4
Complete structures Test-5
Complete structures Test-6
Complete structures Test-7
General Aptitude

General Aptitude

General Aptitude Test-1
General Aptitude Test-2
General Aptitude Test-3
General Aptitude Test-4




Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Laplace Transforms
Numerical Methods
Complete Mathematics-1
Complete Mathematics-2
Complete Mathematics-3
Complete Mathematics-4
Complete Mathematics-5
Flight Mechanics






Flight Mechanics

Basic Flight Mechanics and Performance-1
Basic Flight Mechanics and Performance-2
Basic Flight Mechanics and Performance-3
Basic Flight Mechanics and Performance-4
Basic Flight Mechanics and Performance-5
Basic Flight Mechanics and Performance-6
Aircraft Stability-1
Aircraft Stability-2
Aircraft Stability-3
Aircraft Stability-4
Aircraft Stability-5
Aircraft Stability-6
Complete Flight Mechanics-1
Complete Flight Mechanics-2
Complete Flight Mechanics-3
Complete Flight Mechanics-4
Complete Flight Mechanics-5
Complete Flight Mechanics-6
Space Mechanics

Space Mechanics

Basic Space Mechanics
Core Space Mechanics
Complete Space Mechanics-1
Complete Space Mechanics-2
Full syllabus Grand Test
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New Batch for Gate Aerospace Online Classroom Program 2022/23 starts from 18-July-2021

Following are the list of Challenges and Changes we offer:

At any point in time during the coursework, if in case the student feels that they aren’t getting a quality education from us then we are ready to return their money.
We have cent percent trust in our Faculty members who provide the best teaching thereby we are ever ready to provide contact details of the passed out students of our Institute, so that one may directly take our feedback to join our esteemed Institute.
80+ mock test of which 50 are sectional tests and 20 grand test which gives ample practice for students before writing the gate exam
Formulae sheets for all subject
All subjects are taught from basics
After every class, there will be assignments
Special sessions for Mathematics and Quant which carries 30% of weightage in Gate Exam