How to prepare for GATE Aerospace Exam 2023/24

How to prepare for GATE Aerospace Exam 2023/24

GBefore you starting your preparation, first get clear idea of syllabus. What are the subjects you have to study and up to what extent any particular topic is asked in exam. Syllabus copy you can download from GATE Aerospace Academy website or GATE official website. After getting clear picture of complete syllabus content, you can plan your preparations.

Familiarization with GATE exam pattern

You should be familiar with the pattern of exam. From 2021, GATE exam pattern has been changed from two types of questions (MCQ, NAT) to three types of questions (MCQ, MSQ, NAT). Familiarization with pattern of exam is extremely import to know for GATE aspirants. It helps you in deciding the approach to study a particular topic. Apart from pattern you should also be aware with the weightage of a particular subject/topic to decide time table or preparation time for that subject. For example, from space mechanics subject usually only 1-2 questions are asked. From aptitude there will be 10 questions. So weightage of a particular subject varies slightly from paper to paper except aptitude portion. Usually in Aerospace paper structures and aerodynamics are given more weightage so you can focus more on such subject and give time accordingly to score more. Exam pattern and GATE Aerospace 2022 paper subject-wise weightage is given below.

Early start is an added advantage

By taking decision of preparation at early stage, you can have enough time to study and revise the syllabus multiple times. It will also allow you to attend many Test series and finding out your weakness and strength to work on them accordingly. GATE Aerospace Academy is proving 234+ Mock Test and different packages to choose from. It’s important to focus only on revision during last two months of preparation that can happen only when aspirants have started their planning at early stage and completed the syllabus.

Prepare a study plan/schedule

To track the progress, it’s important to prepare a study plan for various topics and giving time to one particular subject or topic according to candidate’s aptitude. Keep small and big targets to complete. You can plan daily basis target for small-small topics for solving numerical or studying theory and weekly target for one big topic or subject. Smaller targets will prevent you from distracting or getting bored.

Practicing lot of problems

To get confidence, you should solve variety of questions from previous year papers and Mock tests. Mark your doubts and get them clear in advance. Have regular discussion with faculty about your progress and improvement required. Work on your weak areas and again attend mock tests to see your progress.

Apart from Mock Tests, all the GATE previous year papers are available on GATE Aerospace Academy Test portal for online practice purpose. To give more benefit to the students it is further arranged into Topic-wise, Subject-wise and Year-wise pattern.


  • • Know your syllabus
  • • Get familiar with the pattern of exam
  • • Early start is an added advantage
  • • Prepare study schedule
  • • Make small-small targets to achieve
  • • Give Mock Tests to get rid of exam fear and managing the time
  • • Personal Monitoring.
  • • Practice lots of questions
  • • Find weak and strong areas to work accordingly
  • • Have discussion with your faculty about your progress
  • • Revision is must